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News of Jinhui Mining in 2019

2020-06-24 11:12:00

1.Jinhui Mining is selected into the National Green Mines List

In December, the Department of Natural Resources published the selection list of the national green mines, Jinhui Mining as the one of the first national green factories and Gansu Green Mine Demonstration Base was successfully selected and approved, this showed again that the concept of “green water and mountains are golden and silvery mountains” and the goal of “ecological, environmental, secure, digital” achieved actual effect in Jinhui Mining.

2. Governor Tang Renjian visits Jinhui Mining to investigate

In April, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Committee and Governor Tang Renjian led the provincial leadership to visit Jinhui Mining and investigate work. Tang Renjian stressed: firm the concept of green development and take the road of sustainable development to create experience and set an example for the green development of the provincial enterprises.

3. The seminar on standard reading and experience sharing of the national green mines construction is held in Jinhui Mining.

In April, the seminar on standard reading and experience sharing of the national green mines construction was held in Jinhui Mining. More than 400 representatives, which leaders from Ministry of Natural Resources, China Mining Association, Xi’an Bureau of the National Resources Supervision and the Provincial Department of Natural Resources, heads of over 20 provincial mining associations in Shandong, Heilongjiang, Yunnan, etc., enterprise representatives from China Energy Investment, Shougang Group, etc., attended the meeting and observed into the mine, they thumbed up for the green mine construction of Jinhui Mining.

4. The Third -term working seminar and visiting investigation of the provincial government counselors is held in Jinhui Mining.

In June, the working seminar and visiting investigation of the provincial government counselors was held in Jinhui Mining. It was reported that the Party Committee of the provincial counselor pointed out in the “Report on suggestions for extensive publicity on the green mine construction experience of Jinhui Mining Company” to the provincial government that Jinhui Mining was an advanced example of promoting green mines construction and practicing green development, also was a successful model to draw lessons from the ecological problems of Qilian Mountains and promote ecological civilizations comprehensively in our province. It was of important significance to fully implement Xi Jinping Thought on ecological civilization, further promote the rectification of ecological environmental problems focusing on Qilian Mountains, and realize the mining sustainable development by summarize the valuable experience and publicity the successful practice of Jinhui Mining.

5. Jinhui Mining is certified the National Hi-Tech Enterprise

In August, the Office of the National Leading Group for Hi-Tech Enterprise Management Authentication released the identification list of the first hi-tech enterprises in 2019, and Jinhui Mining was among them. Relying on technological innovation and walking the connotative development road, Jinhui Mining was guided by technological innovation and based on green development, it was certified the National Hi-Tech Enterprise.


6. Secretary of the county Party Committee comes to preach the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Party Central Committee and promote the high-quality development of Jinhui Enterprise.

On December 4, Jinhui Enterprise held a report to study and implement the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Party Central Committee, and secretary of the Hui County Party Committee, Wang Qiang, made a special report. More than 400 Party members and activists of Jinhui Enterprise attended the meeting. Under the guidance of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s thought on ecological civilization, Jinhui Mining Party Organization thoroughly implemented the new requirements of non-public enterprise Party building in the new era. According to the general idea of “Building the Party is to develop” and leading works by the Party’s ruling idea, Jinhui Mining carried out the educational activity under the theme of “remaining original aspiration and keeping mission firmly” to further deepen the enterprise’s innovation and reform and promote the high-quality development.

7. Challenge self and surmount self, “Jinhui Mining Sports” sets sail

In August, "Jinhui Cup" 2019 invitational tournament of national tennis masters was held in Jinhui Mining. The Logo conference of “Jinhui Mining Sports” was held before the tournament, the Logo consisted of the first letter “J” and “H” of the word “Jinhui”, which showed Jinhui positive energy spirit, which constantly challenged and surmounted self, also represented “Jinhui Mining Sport” formally set sail

8. Jinhui Mining’s practice of green mine construction is widely concerned by the public

In 2019, Jinhui Mining was invited to participate in the “High Seminar on Strengthening Economic Cooperation between China and Kyrgyzstan”, China Mining 2019, “The Sixth Provincial Youth Geological Sci-Tech Forum”, “The Second Annual Economic Forum of China Nonferrous Industry”, “The 13th Conference of CEUR Cooperative Innovation”, and exchanged speeches at relevant forums or conferences. Jinhui Mining’s green mine construction was widely concerned by international and domestic leaders, experts and scholars.

9. Jinhui Mining was invited to participate in the national site exchange meeting of green mines and recognized by the

In December, the national site exchange meeting of green mines was held in Tongling, Anhui province. As the only private enterprise, Jinhui Mining was invited to attend the meeting and made a speech firstly. Ling Yueming, deputy Director of Ministry of Natural Resources, pointed out in his speech: Jinhui Mining strengthened the ecological environment management, explored the development path of “turning mining area into scenic and industrial ecology”, and significantly improved the ecological environment quality around the mining areas. Under the local conditions and active exploration, the enterprise formed a new model of resources and industry green-development that could be copied and promoted, realized four transformations that from “focus on exploiting resources” to “emphasis on resources and environment”, from “extensive & wasteful” to “intensive &efficient”, from “factor-driven” to “innovation-driven”, from “strained relationship between mine and the masses” to “harmonious in co-construction and co-sharing”.





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