Jinhui Sports, Setting Sail

"Jinhui Cup" 2019 invitational tournament of national tennis masters starts at the sports center of the Jinhui enterprise park in Longnan, China. 20 teams from 16 provinces, cities, autonomous regions and professional teams are competing. Jinhui enterprise and tennis, One is the premium liquor place of production with a long history of brewing in the western China, one is the worldwide popular sport. Both sides lead fashion, spread culture, advocate healthy, elegant, ecological and green lifestyle, sport has the power to change the world, Jinhui delivers positive energy, which mark Jinhui Sports are setting sail.



Jinhui Sports' Logo is released

Jinhui positive energy



The opening ceremony of the tournament

"Jinhui Cup" invitational tournament of national tennis masters starts

 in Jinhui enterprise park



Shooting starts at the staff activity center of Jinhui Mining

The awards ceremony



The tournament is complete, successful and wonderfulThe tennis summit forum is held in Jinhui enterprise

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